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Life of Okami's 鉄trenuous Efforts・

---Steps to the Opening of The website---

1. Greetings

・ Is your husband a Kimono dealer? Did your love of Kimono develop into the opening a Website Kimono shop?・

People around me who have seen me only in kimono often come to me and asked these questions these days.

In fact I had been a mere staff of a company through and through, leaving home early in the morning and come home late at night until the spring of the year of 2000. I was so immersed in the life making successful business plans and taking care of my boss's next day's business schedule.

I couldn't have thought think of changing my day to day life in suites and high heeled shoes.

Because I was leading my life as the secretary of my boss, I was thoroughly an ・Office Lady・

I'd be most honored if you would read this booklet and know that I, having gone through such a past life, went on the steps as 徹kami of a Kimono Dealer somehow or another with the struggle in a mess in the Kimono Industry.

In my twentieth, I had just a little bit of knowledge of 詮lower arrangement', ・Tea ceremony', and ・Dressing kimono' not knowing even names of a bustle of 前bi' and a ・bundle of 前bi'.

I couldn't have mentioned it before as I may have had a hesitation to expose it to public.

I quite working as an OL at the end of March 2000 and began my new carrier as a net-shop dealer in Sept. at the age of 45.

I hope you may get something out of this booklet     of my tracks till the time of the birth of 前kami' of    a net-shop.




  1. Greetings
  2. My Real Vocation.
  3. Discovery of 'mySELF'
  4. IMAI TOMOKO- Sensei( Ms. Tomoko Imai)
  5. On the Corner of My Mind
  6. President , Mr. Nakagawa Toshio ( Mr. Toshio Nakagawa)
  7. At the Time of Delusion
  8. Secretary or Kimono
  9. Encounter with 'USHIKUBI-TSUMUGI' or 'USHIKUBI Pongee'
10. Sawaya Jyubei-san (Mr. Jyubei Sawaya)
11. SAKAI MIDORI-Sensei( Ms. Midori Sakai)
12. The Second Meeting with 'USHIKUBI-TSUMUGI'
13. At a Wholesale Dealer
14. The Sales Exhibition and OSMC
15. Visiting Shiramine
16. Creating the Website
17. Powerful Top Page
18. Repairing my Personal Computer
19. Official Website-UP.