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Life of Okami's Strenuous Efforts

---Steps to the Opening of The website---

14. The Sales Exhibition and OSMC


Now that the wholesale dealer for a buying-in was fixed, but my agony related to it still continued.

Have I made a right decision? Is it really Ok that I'd sell USHIKUBI-TSUMUGI?'

Which came from my hesitation of having chosen one of the highest quality Kimono,'USHIKUBI-TSUMUGI' to sell from the beginning.

I also had an anxiety about possibility for selling such a high quality Kimono at the time of recession.

As I had wanted to do something for the benefit of customers , I wondered if there were any beneficial goods that I was confident of, even Tabis, for example.

One time I looked round the wholesale dealer to see what would be possible to sell customers within their budget, one hundred thousand yen by Internet.

What I noticed then was the shop area of the dealer looked much smaller than it had been before. In fact, to me the dealer had seemed bigger. I found nothing I might be able to sell with a confidence.

Feeling down, I visited the wholesale dealer several times.

One day a sales exhibition for USHIKUBI-TSUMUGI' was conducted.

I watched and tried on USHIKUBI-TSUMUGI' for several hours, and it was about to leave there when I knew USHIKUBI-TSUMUGI' was so rear at the dealer that the next sale of it would be in autumn. Autumn? That wouldn't work!', thought I.


My website was due up TOMORROW. There was only a slight possibility that my website would be up on the next day. I was still struggling for the site-up.

The reason why the site-up was scheduled the next day was that it was made from the outcome of OSMC Yokohama OFU-KAI, or OFU organization' held on July 17.

OSMC stood for Online Shop Masters Club, which was an organization composed of owners of online shops. I participated in the Yokohama ??? , and went even to the after-meeting gathering.

At the meeting, I gathered much advice from many owners of net-shops and more to it, I was encouraged by Chairman, Mr. Shigeo Morimoto. He suggested me by saying, Why don't you open your site even tomorrow? About twenty people came to the after-meeting gathering.It was my honor that I, only a layman yet, had a chance to get to know such well-known owners, and to be given such practical advice, which was beyond my expectation. Mr. Morimoto's words, Even tomorrow' with Kansai accent sounded absolute to me.

He didn't explain the detail of the net-shop, but I knew the Internet was something that required the moment of an quickness'. He added to me , How about your case to be up only the name of your shop?, which made me feel that I could do it .

On the contrary, I had hard time even deciding a name of my shop. There were many things that I had to think of, starting from the matter of the domain and the future direction.

But the words' UP TOMMOROW' never disappeared from my mind.

The words of It's now or never before the next autumn' came to my mind made my decision. I finally said, I buy! and actually bought eleven USHIKUBI-TSUMUGI' having spent all all my retirement money.

Later on, many people said many things against my final decision.

Among them I heard You should have collected all the necessary information before buying USHIKUBI-TSMUGI' in. But it was too late now

But I never had any anxiety about it or a regret. I was confident in successful sale for USHIKUBI-TSUMUGI'

Now that what I would be selling was decided.

But my struggling totally over yet at the time.