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Life of Okami's Strenuous Efforts

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7. At the Time of Delusion

When I explained my situation to Mr. Nakagawa, he invited me to his office sometime.

His office was SOHO office which occupied a whole floor of a building in the center of Ginza 4-chome. I visited his office after I had quit the company for which I had been working for.

I was taken to the neatly arranged guest room , and waited for Mr. Nakagawa. He appeared shortly and said to me, Let's have a meeting with Mr. OOfrom JT and President of OOTrading Company. They'll come here shortly.

Their meeting was about laying the foundation for a certain big company. An owner of a pachinko-parlor wanted to make use of a certain project for as tax avoidance. For that, Sony- Building could be reused by tying with some car company. Their meeting was too big a scale for a business talk.

I had no knowledge of the details of the talk. But I was in the meeting with administrator and executives of the companies. I had a funny feeling about myself being in the business talk. Many discussions were conducted by the members as if I'd been drown into some kind of a big whirlpool.

Mr. Nakagawa was a man who had innovative ideas and pursued these ideas to make them succeed in the field of the management of a candy industry. His idea had been realized more than twenty years ago before the world Business Model' did not exist.

He was asked to give the consultation for management from various business organizations and was always surrounded by many people and in the environment where the effective information was around.

I was usually at home preparing for the start of a new business. The preparation included looking for seminars on a business and its feasibility, reading books on a business creation. I usually studied at a library. I also collected useful data.

My day went by quickly. Along with the day-to-day study, I visited Nakagawa Office to catch a glimpse of development of various businesses.

Having looked back, what I had made me useful was not an acquisition of business know- how, but an influence I was given among people and their positive talk

about tomorrow. They made me keep my will move forward.

When one is in the width of perplexity, not finding what to do, one would be apt to get depressed and lose confidence of oneself. But I was able to make myself up and keep maintaining my energy enough to free from solitude.

At that time I was offered a job as a secretary for a professor of a certain university.

But I did not take it from a fear that I'd never had a chance to have a new take-off when the time was running out short.

Thinking back of these days , I was in the severe mental pain . You'd hopefully understand how one suffers when one is in a tunnel not knowing where the exist would be at. You may cry for help, but in vain. I wasn't paid any attention to by anyone at all then. I was not wanted by anyone.

My husband said, You'll be sure to find a job if you wish, so go ahead and get out in the world and set to work. I wasn't really understood by him, but at least I was lucky as he didn't force me to be at home. I am sure, to look back, I would have found find my way to move on because I didn't give up.

Even now I feel very thankful for Mr. Nakagawa, my benefactor at that time.