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Life of Okami's Strenuous Efforts

---Steps to the Opening of The website---

5. On the Corner of My Mind

Why did I shed so much at the time ? I kept wondering not knowing why.

As I mentioned before, it was my first experience that tears had come down when my mind had been so peaceful.

Gradually I became to know that even though I had been rejecting the work as a secretary, I was accepting it and that I was proud of my job in the corner of my mind.

The acceptance and pride which had existed but been denied were covered deep into the bottom of my mind, but having been unable to show up above consciousness.

Ms Imai's words, Embrace tight had triggered the unconscious feeling to become conscious , which made me tear. It was not until that accident had happened that I became aware of what I'd had in the corner of my mind.

Alas! I finally knew that I had not accepted myself , had ignored my true mind.

Ever since it had happened, I seemed to become gradually obedient.

I strongly realized that Knowing SELF' was so difficult , but at the same time so important.

Since about this time, various strange things and unexpected chances were visiting on and off.

I now didn't doubt it was because I had become obedient due to my shedding at the time that I've been able to work in the business of Kimono World.

I was assured that I found my indispensable treasure.